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Lee Sklar

August 11, 2006

For years I’d been curious about this ubiquitous four-string maestro. But since matching that familiar name to the fleecy countenance of innumerable cameos, my intrigue has piqued. Which leads me to the inquiry: what are some of the more delectable aural etchings from this hirsute slowhand?


Ah, what new things you visualize as names are revealed behind the aural curtain. I just found out that the pink diamond platters of the divine Carole Bayer Sager were amongst this hirsute’s pursuits. You know that relaxing pulse which sends “Stronger Than Before” floating on the shore? Ahh.. that’s our fleecy furnisher on the four.;)

Carole Bayer Sager – “Stronger Than Before” (from Sometimes Late at Night – 1981)