Who By Numbers

Informal PE musings on the album which had the unenviable task of following up the mighty ‘Quadrophenia’.

Along with It’s Hard, this has got to be my least played post-β€˜60s Who album. Nevertheless, three songs were queued into the ten hour m3u list for 1975* which I assembled last week, and they are:

1) “Imagine a Man” – A beautiful acoustic ballad, very much in the vein of Pete’s 1972 solo debut Who Came First, but sung by Roger. This was the only song I liked from this album during its initial shelf life with me, some twenty years ago.
2) “How Many Friends” – With its grand, swelling chorus, this might be the only cut on par with The Who‘s other mighty ’70s albums, Quadrophenia and Who Are You.
3) “Dreaming from the Waist” – Another diamond in the rough, this emerged as a new highlight last week when I auditioned the album (barring the two limp singles) for cuts to include in that m3u list (also referenced in the Maxophone thread.)


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