Musings from a progressiveears thread on Italian Prog, in which someone found a kindredness between Maxophone and Citta Frontale:

The eponymous Maxophone album has long been one of my top five Italian titles, but Citta Frontale I only started warming up to last year, when mention of that disc in another thread prompted me to blow the dust off. I wasn’t struck by any particular bond between these two albums, for the Maxophone disc always impressed me as a standalone in its tapestry of sweeping dynamics and melodic beauty.

MaxophoneMaxophone (1975)

Now just last week I spun my three favorite tracks from the Maxophone disc – “Al Mancato Compleanno Di Una Farfalla”, “Il Fischio Del Vapore” and “Cono Di Gelato” – as part of a ten hour V.A. m3u list* dedicated to 1975. I’ll revisit the Citta Frontale disc soon and take note to the aforementioned comparisons.

*I just pulled up the list as I was typing so I could hear “Cono Di Gelato”, a beautifully hypnotic track immersed in a cozy, after hours, drift away feel. It segued perfectly into the next, equally wonderful cut on the list, “Oh, Thank You Great Spirit” by Chicago.



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