Kyrie Eleison: Gods of Landlocked Europe

Kyrie EleisonThe Fountain Beyond the Sunrise (1976).

Oddly, this was my first ever symphonic album from Continental Europe, back when it was reissued some fifteen years ago. It’s ironic, considering how this band hailed from Austria, the most musically barren country in all of Europe… barring thumbnails like Luxembourg and Albania, of course.

Anyway, The Fountain Beyond the Sunrise is a masterwork of lengthy, theatrical epics in the vein of Genesis and Ange, and the tuneful intricacy of pieces like “Lenny”, “Mounting the Eternal Spiral” and the title-suite well-compensate for the shoddy recording quality so endemic amongst landlocked bands of that era. Additionally, the album sports one of the foremost classics in Whiteheadian album art:
Kyrie Eleison

And simultaneous to the above…

Welcome Welcome (1976).
Another good one from the relatively quiet landlocked nations was delivered from this Swiss unit:


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