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Why Him?

April 22, 2008

I’ve never really understood what was up with this video, or this song, for that matter. Is the singer being sent up into space against his will? Or is he being kidnapped by aliens as an example of Earthling specimens for another planet’s study? And what’s with the woman in the car – does she have some relation to the singer, or is she just some random woman who winds up getting zapped into space as the token female Earthling specimen for that study?

In any case, this was an awesome and uncanny charting song, and the woman is hot! So without further ado..
Planet P – “Why Me” (1983)


Love Sculpture

April 20, 2008

Hey you prog/pomp/AOR/fusionoid maximalists, did you think the name Dave Edmunds would never register a modicum of interest to your lavish listening appetite? Well here’s a bit of history to consider, as recently discussed in a thread concerning his early blues rock outfit Love Sculpture, in which Endmunds played some firey fretwork in advance of John McLaughlin, Bill Nelson, Tommy Bolin, Bill Connors and a host of other lightning virtuosos. As one progressiveears inquirer wrote: “I like both the Love Sculpture albums-but think Forms and Feelings has the edge and yes I think its all as good as The Land of the Few with just 1 track I dont like much.” My response:

Well, I just gave Forms and Feelings another twice-over.. could the fellow above have been referring to the rockabilly thrash of “You Can’t Catch Me”, or to the Mersey-style balladry of “People People” as the track he didn’t like?

In any case, the first side of the album – including the heavy psych waltz of “Nobody’s Talking”, the rupturous syncopation of “Why (How Now)” and the lightning-fingered frenzy of “Farandole” – are as equally compelling as the two well-known tracks. I’d sum up Love Sculpture‘s sound on Forms and Feelings as a cross betwixt the ominous psych of early Spooky Tooth and the proto-speed metal of the Gurvitz brother’s Gun.

Progressivewits of yore wrote: “Supposedly, Edmunds has disowned his Love Sculpture work…
If I was him I’d disown the later rockabilly stuff.”

Well said.