Memory Joggers

Even the few decent things to have come out during The Worst Deca[y]de In Human History have fallen from my memory banks, in-spite of personal experience, as someone’s recent mention of The Club Foot Orchestra revealed:

Almost forgot about them! I had their Metropolis/Felix Woos Woopey soundtrack some years back, but since it never got listed in my RYM inventory it must be lost. They came to Portland back in 1992 to play those pieces alongside screenings of the namesake films. I got acquainted with one of their members, Miles Boyson, who came back the following year with his avant-jazz unit the Splatter Trio.

Someone else had to re-enlighten me about Dutch goofsters Dull Schicksal, despite the fact that I had forked over for two of their discs in the dark days of yore.

By golly, I’d so forgotten these guys that I didn’t even have them in my RYM inventory. I have their 1992/1993 discs Neem Die Pijp Uit Je Muil, Jij Hond and Dikke Mannen, the first of which isn’t even entered into the RYM database.

Dull Schicksal were actually one of my few cold buys off the Wayside catalog back in the early ’90s that I was rather under-impressed by. Ostensibly, they were a cross between the RecRec wing of RIO (Debile Menthol, No Secrets in the Family) and that undying strain of jazzy, avant post-punk (Dave Thomas and the Pedestrians, Tupelo Chain Sex, Eskimo.) However, there was something dissatisfying about the overall effect, with brief flowing passages crashing into long, cumbersome dirges – they could have used some rebob. Furthermore, their eclecticism was made all the more jarring by the inconsistent quality of their material.

Who knows, maybe they’d be classics by now had they not been released during That ’90s Deca[y]de.


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