Anna Oxa: Superenigmatic Italian Diva

Yeah, I’d stumbled upon an album cover by her at one time or another, but I’d never been taken by the anomaly of her spectacle until now. After all, how many MOR divas can you name that toyed with a punk image as early as 1978?

Anna Oxa, 1978

Anna Oxa, 1978

  • Intervista Discoring 78
  • Or is that ‘punque’ (from the waist on up, anyway.) Alas, her stylists didn’t do enough research to know that flared trousers were in fact the aesthetic anathema to all true punks.

  • “Un’emozione da Poco”

  • Well in case you’ve had enough vulcanized gender transgressions for one day, I’ll assure you that the imposing, distaff maverick seen up above did in fact mutate into a wholesome young woman, most captivatingly so in this très sexy segment from 1982:

  • “Il No” Video (1982)
    Aah, I love the slow motion camerawork and soft lighting that glows upon her face.
  • That sultry slow motion delivery really was just totally befitting to that number, as this alternate clip further demonstrates:

  • “Il No” (1982)

  • Now as you rejuvenate, I’ll have you know that the surprises don’t end there, for the smooth as silk teddy bear from that last clip morphed yet again by the mid ’80s, this time into a sultry vixen. Here she sits resplendent in platinum perfection in this 1984 clip with Raffaella Carrà:

  • Oxa Pronto Raffaella 84
  • And here she performs in her newly perfected Monroe-esque glamour:

  • “Non Scendo” (1984)
  • “Eclissi Totale” (1984)

  • Later, as The Style Decade drew to a close, the genesis from humanoid to honey to heroine was complete, as seen in these aristocratically dressed-to-kill clips from 1988:

  • “Oltre la Montagna”
  • “E tutto un’attimo”
  • “Quando nasce un amore”
  • pronto è la rai oxa
  • pronto è la rai oxa 2
    (Caveat: I think she went a bit too far on the tweezing.)
  • golden-lady-anna-oxa-print2-orig1

    Apparently, our satin-legged, statuesque songstress also had a knack for comedy:

  • parole parole ….imitazione Anna Oxa, frantastico 9 ’88
  • love story presunta di fantastico 9 Oxa
  • I sure hope the following incident wasn’t real:

  • caduta dalla scale di fantastico 9

  • Oh well, in any case, it appears as though her heavenly legs (as well as her eyebrows) did indeed recover:

  • “Tu non ridi piu”
  • “Pensami per te”
  • Live Medley ’92
  • golden-lady-anna-oxa-poster-orig


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