Dutch Rock (Earth & Fire, Mr. Albert Show, Kayak)

Here are my blurbs for the two Dutch entries in my ever-evolving Top 30 Albums of 1970:

Mr. Albert ShowMr. Albert Show. Punchy, melodic, jazz-imbued pop rock which indeed puts on quite a show by alternating male and female vocals amidst a backdrop of fuzzy guitar/organ (often of the “which is which?” variety) and sax interplay. The rebop and the estrogen would sorely be missing on their plodding follow-up, 1971’s Warm Motor.

Mr. Albert Show

(P.S. My views regarding their second album have evolved somewhat since writing that initial blurb. Whilst deprived the cathartic immediacy of its eponymous predecessor, patient persistence does reward with Warm Motor when revved up without the excess stowaway tracks.)

Earth & FireEarth & Fire. A Dutch band that didn’t Americanize and, hence, missed the Spring 1970 Neaderbeat Invasion. The flat, androgynous vocals of Jerney Kaagman may fall short on emotion, yet her direct and often strident delivery ignites the raw propulsion of this band’s simple yet anthemic style of organ-based, martially driven melodic pop.

(warning: lame profile)
Earth & Fire

Here’s a blurb I once posted on Usenet regarding an old fave:

If you ask me, the finest band ever to hail from the Netherlands were Kayak, who purveyed that curious hybrid of late 60’s Anglo pop and early 70’s symphonic prog which has (for lack of a better term) been labeled by some of us more probing pop aficionados as *pomp pop.*


The most squarely symphonic Dutch band (as in Yes/Genesis sounding) was Flyte, who emerged with one album, Dawn Dancer, towards the end of the 70’s (sorry, no link.)



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