The Dog That Bit People

Someone on progressiveears today complained how they felt that the 1971 eponymous one-off LP by The Dog That Bit People was a disappointing follow-up to early brass rock heavyweights Locomotive, in which several members had played with Norman Haines. Here was my response:

If you’re looking for a continuation of the Locomotive sound, you’re much better off with this:

The Norman Haines Band

The Dog That Bit People
arrived at a completely different musical location, which sat at the nexus between Beatlesque pop, folk rock, proto-symphonic, and the pervasive strands of country rock. In essence, DTBP were cut from the same early ’70s cloth as bands like Byzantium and Stackridge, and not Locomotive or The Norman Haines Band.

The Dog That Bit People

What I find really surprising is that Locomotive actually began their recording career as a ska band (yep, the original UK ska craze of the ’60s did in fact influence an Anglo act.) Hard to believe that the same group of guys who had been rude boys back in 1966 and ’67 would morph into brassy psych rockers in less than two years time.



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