Who’s Later

A recent inquiry on progressiveears as to whether The Who, preceding their indefinite split, had actually intended an immediate followup to their 1982 It’s Hard LP sent me reeling back to the seldom retold accounts from the period itself. I do vaguely recall how the Who’s Last tour was not intended as a bowing out for the group necessarily, but merely a retirement from touring. I’m guessing they were either trying to leave things open-ended as 1982 poured into 1983, or they were simply trying to let the public down easy and refrain from making any earth-shattering statements. Regardless, many news clippings greeted that tour with a mournful tone, proclaiming it to be the end of an era.

Intriguingly, I just stumbled upon an issue of Rolling Stone magazine from May 1983 – some four months after the close of that well-donned if dubious tour – which contained a captioned photo of a strikingly dapper Pete Townshend, with further reference to the speculated recording sessions.

Townshend at his visual peak, circa 1983.

Townshend at his visual peak, circa 1983.


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